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Logging into with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

1. In your internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge), go to [][1]. a. Click **Sign In** at the top right. ![][2] b. Enter your Arapahoe email and click "**Next"**. ![][3] c. Enter your password and click "**Next**". ![][4] d. You can also sign-in to the MyACC portal and click on t…

How to Access a Secondary Email in

1. Log into Outlook by going to ****. a. Click **Sign In** at the top right. ![][1] 2. Enter your **Arapahoe email.** ![][2] 3. Enter your **myACC password**. ![][3] 4. On the stayed in prompt, click** Yes.** ![][4] 5. At the top right corner, click your **profile picture**. 6. Click **Open Anothe…

How to Add a Signature in

**Note: When you create this signature, this will be within If you log into the Outlook app, you will have to add the signature again if it isn't added there already. This also means if you change the signature in one place, you will have to do it in the other places as well. It is always good to have a b…

How to Access a Shared Mailbox in

1. After logging in to your Arapahoe email via, click on your **profile icon** in the top-right corner. 2. Click **Open another mailbox**. ![][1] 3. In the Open Another Mailbox window, type the **email address** or **name** of your shared mailbox and then click on the name. a. If you typed in your emai…

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