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How to Switch Between Outlook Profiles

1. In the **Outlook** app, select "**File**" at the top left: ![][1] 2. Select "**Account Settings"** > "**Change Profiles**": ![][2] 3. Select "**OK**" when you receive the prompt to close Outlook: ![][3] 4. Open Outlook once more and you will now receive a prompt to choose the profile you would like to use. Se…

How to Remove your Outlook Account

**To remove your Outlook profile in case of Outlook not working properly, follow these instructions:** **Make sure to read through the entire article on this process.** 1.** Close out of Outlook.** 2. Click the **Start** button and then type **Control Panel**. 3. Select **Control Panel**. ![][1] 4. Make sure tha…

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