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Mac: How to Find the Computer Name

**If you need to know what the name of a Mac computer is, follow these instructions:** **There are a couple ways of doing this.** **Option 1:** 1. At the top left of the screen, click the **Apple **icon. 2. Click **About This Mac**. 3. In the **Overview** tab, click **System Report.** 4. At the bottom of the Win…

Windows: How to Find the Computer Name

1. At the bottom right, click the **Start **button. 2. Select **Settings**. ![][1] 3. Select **System**. ![][2] 4. Scroll down on the left hand side and select **About**. ![][3] 5. The **computer name** will start with **ACC**. 6. The **version number** is a **4 digit (hexadecimal) number**. ![][4] Any quest…

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