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How to Update Citrix Workspace

If Citrix Workspace isn't working correctly, it is always good to check to see if there is an update for Citrix Workspace. This should fix any issues that are occurring. 1. At the **bottom right** of your computer screen, right-click the **Citrix Workspace** icon. a. If it is not showing, click the **arrow** to expa…

How to Log into Citrix Workspace for the First Time

[Download Workspace App for Windows Current Release - Citrix][1] 1. **Download** and **Install **Citrix Workspace. 2. Enter **** into the **Add Account** pop up box. 3. Click **Continue**. ![][2] 4. Enter **ccc\S00000000 (enter real S#)** and your **MyACC password**. 5. Click **Sign In**. ![]…

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