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AnyConnect - How to Use - Windows

1. Log into **** with your Arapahoe email and myACC password. 2. Go to your **Apps**. a. If no apps are showing, you may need to select your device first. b. Follow this [tutorial ][1]to select the device. 1. This tutorial shows how to download Adobe Reader, however, you can install any …

AutoPilot Home Setup

**How to set up your AutoPilot computer at home. ** Follow these instructions: 1. **Plug in your computer.** 2. **Turn it on.** 3. The **AutoPilot process** will start. ![][1] 4. Make sure the **US region** is selected. ![][2] 5. Select the **US Keyboard**. 6. You can add a second keyboard layout if you want.…

Microsoft Office Tenant Migration Guide

For help with the CCCS Microsoft Office Tenant Migration, follow these guides: Here is our video explaining the Microsoft Tenant Migration Tasks. There is also an attachment in this article with the Microsoft Tenant Migration tasks. [][1] Steps t…

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