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A Feature List for Zoom, Webex Meetings, MashMe, and Microsoft Teams

**Using Webex Meetings, Zoom, MashMe, and Microsoft Teams are ways of communicating, and each of them have different features. ** **Feature List:** ![][1] More resources: **Webex:** [How to use Webex][2] [Webex Tools and Teaching Tips][3] **Zoom:** [Securing your Zoom Meeting from Unwelcome Attendees][4] [How…

CITRIX - Setting up your macOS device for Call Queue

# How to Set Up Your Mac for CITRIX Call Queue To use your macOS computer with CITRIX to use the ACC **Call Queue Desktop - New**, one needs to have the **CITRIX Workspace** app and **CISCO JVDI Client** installed on your macOS computer. **Note: This capability is mainly for users who need to answer a department mai…

WebEx Teams Unified Collaboration

![][1] If you run into this login when attempting to use phone via WebEx Teams please enter your S# followed by your password. [1]:

How to Change Webex Teams Audio Settings

**To check your audio settings, follow these instructions:** 1. Click the Initials icon. 2. Click **Settings**. ![][1] 3. Click **Audio** in the left panel. 4. Check the **Speaker settings:** a. Make sure that the **selected Speaker is correct. ** b. You can move the slider to hear a test tone. c. If you don't…

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