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Sturm Campus Podium Keyboard

# Disable "num lock" on Sturm Campus Podium Keyboards When the keyboard has the "**num lock**" on, it might appear to be acting strangely. For example, typing a "**/**" instead of "**0**". To turn off the "num lock": * Push the "**Fn**" and "**num lock**" keys. ![keyboard][1] [1]: https://hf-files-oregon.s…

Sturm Campus Podium Doc Cam

# How to use the Pilot (podium) Doc Cam 1. Open Knotester app. ![KnoteSter][1] 2. Open Document Camera ![Document Camera][2] # **Troubleshoot** ## If the doc cam does not turn on, it might be due to overheating caused by the camera light being left on for too long. * Switch the light to the be off position an…

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