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Using Zoom with Dual monitors

# Prerequisites * Zoom desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux * Dual monitors enabled on your system * [How to enable dual monitors in Windows 10][1] * [How to enable dual monitors on a Mac][2] * CPU: i5+ Quad Core (or higher) | i5+ Duo Core (or higher) 2GHz+ * RAM: 4GB+ # Setting up Zoom To c…

Dual Monitor Setup

**1.** Ensure all cabling is properly connected. Monitors should have their display cables connected to the PC and power cables connected to outlets. If the setup is utilizing a docking station, display and power cables should be connected directly to the dock rather than a laptop, and the laptop should be connected t…

How to Use Dual Monitors with Citrix in Windows

**To use Dual monitors with Citrix, follow these instructions:** **Note: This is for Windows Machines.** 1. Have a **second monitor** plugged into your computer. 2. Log into **Citrix** and open the desktop you would like to use. 3. If your Citrix Desktop is full screen on one monitor, click the **black bar** at th…

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