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How to Set a Default Browser

1. Click on **Start -> Settings**. ![][1] 2. Select **Apps**. ![][2] 3. Click **Default Apps**. ![][3] 4. Select the **Browser **that is currently there if it is not the browser you want as the default. ![][4] 5. Select **Chrome** for the default. a. **You can select other browsers as well.** ![][5] 6. If y…

How to clear cache in popular browsers

**Clearing the Cache in Chrome ** 1. Do one of the following: * From the “**Menu**” ![][1] button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, choose “**More Tools**” > “**Clear browsing data**“. * Press “**CTRL**” + “**Shift**” + “**Delete**” keys in Windows or Linux, or “**Command**” + “**Shift**” + …

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