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How to Reset WebEx

1. Click the **Profile** icon at the top left. 2. Hover over **Help**. 3. Select **Health Checker**. ![][1] 4. Scroll down and click **Reset**. ![][2] 5. Click **Yes**. ![][3] 6. WebEx will restart and have you log in again. 7. The issue should be fixed. Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-…

How to Log into WebEx Contact Center

WebEx Contact Center has replaced CISCO Finesse as our call queue service. 1. Open **Google Chrome**, go to this URL: [https://desktop.wxcc-][1] 2. Enter your **Arapahoe **email in the WebEx login screen. ![][2] 3. In the next screen, enter **CCC\S#** and your **myACC password**. a. This will be **…

Using WebEx for Synchronous Online Meetings

Please enjoy this video on Using WebEx for Synchronous Online Meetings

WebEx Unified Collaboration

![][1] If you run into this login when attempting to use phone via WebEx, please enter your S# followed by your password. [1]:

How to Forward Calls from your Extension

**To forward calls from your extension to another phone number, follow these instructions:** You will need to do both the **Self Care Portal** and the **WebEx** Instructions to make **Call Forwarding** work. This is for individual extensions only. **CISCO ****Unified Communications ****Self Care Portal Instructions:…

WebEx Tools and Teaching Tips

Please enjoy this video about WebEx Tools and Teaching Tips

How to Log into WebEx

1. **WebEx will start up when you log in.** a. If it does not start up automatically, you can double-click the icon on the desktop or go to Start -> Scroll down to W -> Click WebEx -> WebEx. ![][1] 2. Click **Agree** to start the login process. ![][2] 3. Enter your **Arapahoe email**. 4. Click **Next**. ![][3] …

CITRIX - Setting up your macOS device for Call Queue

# How to Set Up Your Mac for CITRIX Call Queue To use your macOS computer with CITRIX to use the ACC **Call Queue Desktop - New**, one needs to have the **CITRIX Workspace** app and **CISCO JVDI Client** installed on your macOS computer. **Note: This capability is mainly for users who need to answer a department mai…

WebEx Resources and Scheduling

Working remotely - [ during-this-unprecedented-time/][1] Support - [][2] ### Scheduling From the desktop app, the easiest way to schedule a meeting is through the WebEx Meetings desktop app. …

How to Access WebEx

WebEx - How to Access How to access and log in. Link to login: [ ][1] 1. ![][2] 1. ![][3] Navigation from here is quite simple – refer to zoom training and support for further instruction. [][4] [1]:…

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