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Advanced Conference User guide
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Advanced Conference room Operation 


ACC has a growing number of conference rooms that have a full complement of features including video conferencing. 

  • Some of the rooms may have some slight hardware variations
    • The operation is virtually identical

Basic Presentation

This section will demonstrate how to display a simple presentation

  • To start locate the Control Panel located in conference table.

  • To start the system push “Press Here to Begin”

You can now select the different functions of the system

  • By default the system starts with the PC Selected

Each section of the control layout is detailed below:

Input Selections

This menu selection lets you select which input will display on the screen.

  • PC and Apple TV do not have any additional controls.
    • The PC is located in a rack on one side of the room.
  • Laptop HDMI will let you use HDMI for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity
  • Laptop VGA will let you use VGA for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity
    • Note: Use the 3.5mm audio connector for sound when using VGA.
    • The HDMI and VGA Cables are located in the Control Panel Cable Cubby

Camera Control

This menu lets you adjust the ceiling camera.

  • Zoom In: Zooms the camera in
  • Zoom Out: Zooms the camera out
  • Auto Focus: Will automatically refocus camera
  • Pan and Tilt: Allows you to Pan the camera Left and right, and Tilt the camera up and down
  • Stop:  Will stop any Pan or Tilt motion
  • Preset: Can store up to three different camera positions
    • To store a preset, press and hold any of the three preset buttons until “Set” appears.

  • USB:  this selects what device that the camera is connected to
    • PC: Connects the Camera for use with the Room PC in the AV Rack
    • Table USB: Connects the camera to the USB port in the Cable Cubby
      • a PC or Mac computer Can be used at this location  

Phone Control

A standard Speaker Phone is located on the table

  • Dial “9” for an outside line

Using the Camera for video conferencing

This section will explain some of the general settings required to use the Ceiling Camera in Windows 10.

  • Set the Play back device. Right click on the Volume tray icon
    • In the menu click “Playback Devices”

  • In the “Sound” menu, select the “Recording” Tab.
    • In the “Recording” Tab select “Echo Cancelling Speakerphone”
    • Click “Set Default”

  • On the table will be the Video Conferencing speaker phone.
    • Note: smaller rooms will utilize a camera and microphone system that are a single device

Using the Camera for video conferencing (Continued)

This section continues with setting for WebEx. If you are using another platform, many of these setting will still apply; just find the best matches in the other software.  

  • When Joining a WebEx (for more information on WebEx see the document titled “WebEx Instructions”) you will be prompted to select your Audio and Video Connection
    • Under “Select Audio Connection” Choose “Call using Computer”
    • Under “Select Video Connection” choose “VC520+” (Variation: “VB342+”)
    • Click “Connect Audio and Video” 


If you have followed the above directions these next setting may be set correctly already. It is recommended that you check these settings just in case.

  • In WebEx select “More Options” under “Call using a computer”

  • In the menu that opens make sure that, “Echo Cancelling Speakerphone” is chosen in both the Speaker and Microphone Drop down list.
  • Once the setting are correct press “OK”

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