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For password issues please highlight link below--right click--select go to address. Once page opens Go to Step 4 and follow instructions.

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How to Sign in to Capture One
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1. After opening the Capture One software, you will need to accept the License Agreement. Click in the Check box and select "Accept":


2. Click "Let's Get Started":



3. If you do not have a Capture One account, you will need to select the "Sign Up" Option (Otherwise if you have an account for Capture one, you can sign in and skip to step 4):



3a. Enter your student email and select "Send verification code":



3b. Login to your student email and get the verification code (Your verification code will be different):



3c. Enter the verification code on Capture One and click "Verify":



3d. Create a password, checkbox the "I agree to the above and to the privacy policy", and select "Create account":




4. Click "Accept All":


5. Click "Allow":


6. Click "Use License Key":


7. Enter the License key as shown in the picture, and click "Activate":



8. Click "Next":



9. Click "Next" again:


10. Click "Launch Capture One":


You can now use the software. If you have any difficulties or need assistance, please give us a call at: 303-797-5900 or email us at: [email protected]


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