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Mapping a shared network drive - Mac
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1. On your Mac desktop, locate and click "Go" on the top bar. Once you get the drop down menu under "Go", you will want to click "Connect to Server":



2. You will see a "Connect to Server" dialog box pop up as shown below:



3. You will want to enter: smb:// followed by the Shared Network Drive name in the "Server Address" box. I will use the pccommon$ Shared Network Drive as an example. So in the example of the pccommom Shared Network Drive, I would enter: smb://$:



4. Once you have entered the correct Shared Network Drive, you will click the "+" button at the bottom left to add the Shared Network Drive:



5. You will notice the Shared Network Drive populate under "Favorite Servers". You will now want to select "Connect":



6. Select "Connect" once more:



7. A dialog box will pop up asking you to sign in. You will want to use CCC\S# and password and click "Connect" once more:



8. After a few moments, the Shared Network Drive you mapped should open:



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