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How to Switch Between Outlook Profiles
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1. In the Outlook app, select "File" at the top left:



2. Select "Account Settings" > "Change Profiles":



3. Select "OK" when you receive the prompt to close Outlook:



4. Open Outlook once more and you will now receive a prompt to choose the profile you would like to use. Select "Options":



5. Select "New":



6. Enter a Profile Name (You can enter anything in here) and select "OK":



7. Delete your email address and enter the email address of the shared mailbox you will be adding and select "Connect":



8. A Microsoft Outlook sign in page will pop up.

     a. Delete the email address and enter your own email (i.e. [email protected])

     b. Enter your myACC password

     c. Check the checkbox "Remember my Credentials"

     d. Click "OK":



9. Uncheck "Set up Outlook mobile on my phone, too" if it is checked. Select "Done":



10. You will now see the secondary profile you created in the drop down list.

     a. Ensure to checkbox "Prompt for a Profile to be used". That way every time you open Outlook it will have you choose which profile you would like to open:



11. Select "OK":



12. It will now open the Shared mailbox:



13. If you would like to switch back to your personal inbox, simply close Outlook, re-open it and choose the other profile:



14. Select "OK" and it will load your personal email:



Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

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