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How do I purchase hardware/software at ACC?
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When faculty or staff members need hardware for themselves, their classroom, or for a broader department or college need, IT has a process to make sure the hardware is compatible with our systems and meets all of our State requirements.


Hardware and Software Procurement Form

Information to Provide

The Procurement Process

Additional Resources


Hardware and Software Procurement Form


To start a purchasing process, use the Hardware and Software Procurement Form to describe what you'd like and how it will be used. This form is sent to IT Purchasing, who can follow up with you for more details. In addition to this link, the form is also available in the myACC Portal Employee section.


We ask that you use this form for all purchases, whether it is hardware, software to be installed on an ACC system, a small subscription to a cloud-based tool you access through a web browser, or anything in between. All software licensing needs to meet the State of Colorado terms and conditions, whether on-site or cloud-based, and this process makes sure we can spend ACC funds on the tools you need.


The form is also used for renewals and upgrades.


IT also helps track licensing and inventory for all our hardware and software across the college, and starting with this form makes sure we are on top of renewals, proper budget allocations, and other considerations.


Information to Provide


On the Hardware and Software Procurement Form, provide as many specifics as you can. If you have a particular piece of hardware in mind, list it. If you know the version number, the FOAP used for purchase, and any other details, include them.


We also ask for a description of the Instructional Intent or Business need for the software. This information is not used by IT to make purchase decisions. It is to help us better understand what the hardware is expected to accomplish, make recommendations for you to consider if there are alternative solutions that may meet the need better, and make sure we're not duplicating purchases across campus.


The Procurement Process 


Once the Hardware and Software Procurement Form is submitted, IT Purchasing will reach out to you with questions or purchasing information. Depending on the size and scope of the purchase, most software is also reviewed for fit with our accessibility procedures by eLearning and contract terms by Fiscal. We'll also advise on delivery dates at that time.


Additional Resources


The complete policy and process related to software procurement is documented as an ACC Procedure and can be viewed at the link below.


ACC IT Procurement Process and Guidelines

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