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Collaboration Classroom Technology User Guide
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Nearly all of our classrooms have built-in teaching technology. In all the classrooms with technology, you will find:


  • A Windows or Mac PC
    • Keyboard and Mouse on a slide out tray.
    • Monitor on an articulating arm
    • VGA is being phased out. Please use HDMI when possible.
  • Document Camera

  • We are currently in the process of upgrading all of our Classroom technology. In all of our upgraded classrooms, you will see a few more additional features:
    • Apple TV
      • Support for Airplay on Apple and iOS products.
    • Expanded BYOD support
      • HDMI Connections
      • VGA Connections
      • Audio Connections

  • The Classroom Technology Control Panel gives you control over the many features of the Classroom Technology system.
    • On - Turns system on
    • Off - Turns system off
    • Pic Mute - Blanks out the Image 
    • Lights On/Off - Controls the lights above the screen (not used in all rooms)
    • Freeze On/Off -Freezes the image on the projector screen
    • Volume – Adjusts the volume
    • PC - Displays the instructor computer located in the podium
    • Laptop VGA - Displays a device connected to the VGA Cable
    • Laptop HDMI- Displays a device connected to the HDMI Cable
    • Doc Cam - Display from the document camera
    • Apple TV – Displays the Apple TV


  • All rooms with Classroom Technology have connection for BYOD support you can connect devices such as Laptops, Tablets, etc. to be displayed on the screen. The connections are stored in the “Cable Cubby” located on the podium.
    • Electrical Outlet- Can be used for laptop power adapter or similar device
    • Stereo Audio Connector- Can be connected to the headphone or lineout of a Laptop or similar device
    • VGA Cable- connects to VGA out on laptop or other similar devices. (Press “Laptop VGA” button on the Classroom Control Panel to display)
    • HDMI Cable- connects to HDMI out on laptop or similar device (where available) (Press “Laptop HDMI” button on the Classroom Control Panel to display)

  • The Document Camera can be used to display many different things, such as books, experiments, math problems, or anything else onto the projection screen.
    • To use the Document Camera press the “Doc Cam” button on the Classroom Technology Control Panel.

  • Basic Document Camera Controls:
    • Power Button- Toggles the unit on or off
    • Adjustment ring- Allows you to adjust the brightness and the zoom
      • Zoom is controlled by pressing Left or right.
      • Brightness is controlled by pressing up or down.
      • The center button is not used.
    • Lamp button - Toggles the illumination lamp on or off.
  • For normal operation, the remaining functions are:

  • Using Apple TV
  • You can use AirPlay for videos, music, or photos from a variety of locations on your iOS 7 device, including from within the Photos, Videos, Safari, and Music apps.


  • To connect to the Apple TV in your classroom
    • On the Podium, select the Apple TV button from the Classroom Technology Control Panel.

  • Your iPad needs to be on the ACC Internal network to connect to the Apple TV.
  • To begin, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center.

  • Scroll to the name of the Apple TV you want to AirPlay to, (i.e. M1055) and select it.
  • You will be asked to enter a code that will display on the screen.
    • Then tap “Done.”

  • To disconnect your iPad from the Apple TV To ensure your Apple TV is properly disconnected from your iPad, please follow these steps. Failure to do so may cause yourself or others to be unable to reconnect to the device.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center.
    • Tap on AirPlay, scroll back to the top of the list and select your iPad to stop AirPlaying.

  • We have several rooms that have different or more advanced features then the standard classrooms.
  • Those rooms may have a Touch Control Panel or a different button set on the Classroom Technology Control Panel to operate the Classroom Technology.
    • Those Classrooms are:
      • M2900
      • M3130
      • M3660
      • M3670
      • M3740
      • M3750

  • M2900 (Waring Theater) has Non Standard Classroom Technology that has a Classroom Technology Control Panel with a different Button set from a Standard Classroom.
    • Most of the buttons have the same function as in a standard classroom.
      • On, Off, Pic Mute, PC, Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, Apple TV, Volume DVD/VCR Buttons are the same as elsewhere.
    • Audio On/Off- Turns the house audio system on or off. (This button flashes red when off and is solid green when on).
    • Mic Vol Up, Mic Vol Dn- This room has the option for up to two wireless microphones (available upon request, contact Facility Rental for details). These two buttons adjust the microphone volume separately from the “Volume” Dial.
      • Note: The “Volume” Dial adjusts the overall volume, use if unable to make microphones loud enough using “Mic Vol Up/ Dn” buttons. Use the “Volume” dial to adjust.

  • M2900 (Waring Theater) Also has Advanced Lighting controls. With 4 presets that should suit most all lighting needs.
    • Preset 1= All lights on
    • Preset 2= Light above seating on
    • Preset 3= Stage lights- variation 1
    • Preset 4= Stage Lights- variation 2
  • There should not be much need to use the individual zone faders.
    • When done, press the “Off” button

  • M3750 Has two screens that both display the same image and a SMARTpodium that can be used for on screen annotation.
    • This room uses a Touch Control Panel that has been configured to be an exact representation of the Classroom Control Panel.
      • This operates the same way as the Standard Classrooms.

  • The Control Panel, and PC sit inside of a cabinet behind the podium.
    • Sometimes the doors will be shut
    • Just open it anytime that you need to use the Classroom technology.

  • M3130 Has two screens, two confidence monitors and a SMARTboard. The Displays are arranged so that you can select a different image on the Left and Right set of displays. The SMART board will always display the image from the PC.
    • This room uses a Touch Control Panel that has been configured to be somewhat similar to the Classroom Control Panel.

  • M3130 has two Screens that can have a different image selected on either screen. This room also has a SMARTboard. M3130 uses a Touch Control Panel for its operation
    • To turn on the system, click the “ON” button.
    • To turn the system off, click the “OFF” button.
    • Under the “Left Projector” menu you can select from PC, Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, and Doc Cam. This will select what is shown on the left projector.
      • “Pic Mute” - Blanks the image.
      • “Freeze” – Freezes the image.
    • The “Right Projector” menu is the same as the Left Projector Menu.
    • “Smart Board Mute” and “Smart Board Freeze” blank or freeze the image on the SMARTboard.
    • The volume section controls the overall room volume.
    • The “Mic Vol” button brings up an addition menu to adjust the Microphone volume.
    • Adjust the volume just as you would for the main volume then press “Done”.

  • M3660 and M3740 are known as Pod Rooms. These rooms have TVs with computers that are around the room. This room has the ability for any computer in the room to be displayed on any TV or all of the TVs at once.
    • To turn on press “System Power On”
    • Wait for the menu to appear
    • Select an output from the buttons in the purple area.
      • This is the display(s) that will receive the image.
    • Select an input from the center area.
      • This is what will be shown on the display(s) selected above.
    • The volume and Mute Section works the same as in the other classrooms
    • To turn off the system, press the “System Off” button on the Touch Panel bezel
      • To confirm Shut Down, press “Yes”


Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

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