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How to Enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone
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To enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone, follow these instructions:


This is to help your phone make phone calls and receive/send text messages when the signal is poor.

This will route all of your phone calls and text messages through Wi-Fi instead of your cellular network.


This is only available if your carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling and if your iPhone is the iPhone 5c or newer.


1. Go to Settings.



2. Scroll down to Phone.



3. Go to Wi-Fi Calling.



4. Tap the Toggle button to turn on.



5. Tap Enable.



6. For Wi-Fi calling, you need to enter Emergency information since you will be calling over Wi-Fi.

   a. Make sure to read this information.




7. Tap the Agree to Conditions.

8. Tap Continue.

9. Now, Wi-Fi calling is on.

10. To switch off, tap the toggle button again to turn off. 


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