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How to Turn off Laptop Encryption for Laptop Reset
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If you need to reset a laptop, but device encryption is enabled, you will need to turn off the device encryption in order to reset the laptop.


Make sure the laptop is plugged into power. The hard drive will be corrupted if the laptop loses battery during this process. Do not close the lid of the laptop during this process as that will also interrupt the process.


Decryption Process


1. Log into the computer.

2. Click on Start -> Settings.



3. Click on Update & Security.



4. Click on Device Encryption.

5. Click Turn off.

    a. If it says Turn on, then device encryption is off. No need to go any further with device decryption. Skip to step 9 for reset.



6. Click Turn Off.



7. The device will start to decrypt. 

    a. This can take a little while depending on how much is on the computer.



8. Once finished, it will have the option to turn on device encryption.



Start the Reset Process


9. Click on Recovery.

10. Click Get Started under Reset this PC.



11. Click Remove Everything.



12. Click Local Reinstall.



13. Click Next.



14. Click Reset.



15. Your device will start to reset and will restart.

     a. Don't do anything with the device now. Leave it to reset.

     b. If this process is interrupted, it will corrupt the hard drive.





16. Once the computer is finished with the reset, this screen will show for the next user.



Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance. 

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