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How to Add a Signature in Outlook
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Note: When you create this signature, this will be on your local Outlook profile on your computer. If you log into Outlook either in Citrix,, or on another computer, you will have to add the signature again if it isn't added there already. This also means if you change the signature in one place, you will have to do it in the other places as well. It is always good to have a backup of your signature. Create a word document with your signature pasted there for easy reapplying. 


1. Open Outlook.

2. Click on File.



3. Click on Options.



4. Click Mail.

5. Click Signatures.



6. Click the New button.



7. Enter a name for the signature.

    a. This can be anything you want.




8. Make sure that the signature is selected in both of the fields on the right.




9. Enter or paste your signature.

    a. You can find templates for ACC at

    b. Edit the signature to match your name, title, phone number.

10. Once you have finished your signature, click OK.

    a. If it looks a little misaligned with words/letters as so in the screenshot, don't worry. It will fix itself in the email as shown in the next screenshot.



11. Click OK.


12. Now, your signature is at the bottom of your new emails.



Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance. 

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