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Sturm 123 Community Room Hyflex Upgrades
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The Community Room has ceiling microphone and camera upgrades to increase Hyflex teaching functionality. There is also a mobile Aver Camera/sound bar option.


How to connect to room microphone, speakers, and camera:


1. Plug in HDMI and USB cables from the floor plate to your device.







2. Turn on the Control Panel at the front right of the room.






3. Choose between Divided Mode and Combined Mode. Divided Mode will only display content to the Community Room. Combined Mode will display to the video wall in the Learning Commons.







4. The Floor HDMI input is selected by default for both the Left and Right Projectors. However we need to change the USB Routing to Floor HDMI too. Please click on 1. Floor HDMI and then under USB Routing on the lower left, please click on 2. Floor HDMI


Note: We are working to eliminate this step in the near future!






How to adjust app (Zoom) settings


Note: The following is for Zoom but adjusting the settings in Microsoft Teams, WebEx is a similar process.



1. Click on the gear icon on the Home screen of Zoom to access the settings.





2. Under Video, select the camera that you want to use. The ceiling camera is called Extron MediaPort200.





3. Under Audio, select Extron HDMI for the Speaker and Speakerphone(2- Extron MediaPort200) for the Microphone. Please do an audio test before each session by selecting Test Speaker and Test Mic.





4. Have a nice class!



Ceiling Camera Presets



There are three presets for the ceiling camera. The default position when the system first powers on is a high view of the podium presenter.



Switch Camera Presets



On the Control Panel, select Camera. Then select desired preset.


Note: Because the Left Projector is selected, the camera view will be display on left projector. After selecting the preset, you can change the display input back to Floor HDMI.







Preset 1: A center view





Preset 2: A right side view






Preset 3: A left side view






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