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How to Remove your Outlook Account
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To remove your Outlook profile in case of Outlook not working properly, follow these instructions:


Make sure to read through the entire article on this process.


1. Close out of Outlook.


2. Click the Start button and then type Control Panel.


3. Select Control Panel.



4. Make sure that the Category is Small Icons. If it is not, then select Category and then Small Icons.




5. Click Mail (Microsoft Outlook)

   a. It may say 2016 at the end but is the same thing.



6. Click Show Profiles.



7. Click Remove.



8. Click Yes in the Pop up window.



9. Click Apply. Then OK.

    a. Close out any remaining windows from this process.


9a. Make sure to restart the computer!


10. Open Outlook.

     a. There may be a pop up saying enter a profile name.

          1. Enter your S# in that box.

          2. Click OK.


11. Start the login process:

      a. Enter your Arapahoe email if not there already.

      b. Click Connect.



12. If you get a Windows Security Pop up:

     a. Enter your Arapahoe email (i.e. [email protected]).

     b. Enter your myACC password.

     c. Make sure to check Remember Credentials!

     d. Click OK.



13. Uncheck Set up for Outlook Mobile.

14. Click Done.



15. Your email should start and load all your emails.

     a. If it doesn't load emails:

          1. Click Send/Receive at the top.

          2. Click Update Folder.



If you keep getting a pop up for logging into Outlook, contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 for further help as this has to do with your account possibly being locked.

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