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How to Use the ACC Application Portal
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To use the ACC Application Portal, your computer must be registered in Endpoint Manager for this to work.

Note: Some software is only available via group membership, only users in the group will see it listed.

If you have your AutoPilot computer set up, you can double-click on the icon on the desktop to access the Application Portal. This will automatically log you in.

You will need the name of your computer for this to work properly. If you do not have the right computer selected, the apps will not show up.

If you need help finding your computer name, follow this article:

1. Log in with your arapahoe e-mail account.

2. Click Next.

3. Use your myACC password.

4. Click Sign In.

5. Choose whether you want to stay signed in:

6. Click on Devices.

7. Select your device.

   a. Even though only one device is listed, click on the gray bar and select your device

8. Select your device. 

9. Click Select.

10. You will see your device listed in the gray bar:

11. Click on the 3 bars in the upper left corner

12. Choose Apps.

13. You will see all apps that are available to you:

14. Select the app you want to install.

     a. We will use Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App as an example.

15. Select Install.

16. Put a check in the box to Always allow... 

17. Click Open.

Downloading Process

1. Pending Sync

2. Downloading.

    a. Downloading can take some time.

3. The app will then Install.

    a. Once you see this message, the app has been downloaded & installed.

4. The software is ready to use

5. The application shortcut will either be on the desktop or in the start menu

6. If a reboot is required, you will get a notification.

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