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Citrix Desktops Features List
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Citrix is ACC's way of connecting to the ACC Internal network remotely.


There are two main desktops for Employees:

Faculty/Staff Desktop & Call Queue Desktop.


Students have their own Citrix desktop that they can use called Student Desktop.


Feature List for Faculty/Staff Desktop & Call Queue:



When using Citrix, the best option is to use the Faculty/Staff Desktop for every day tasks.

If you need to use the call queue every time you work, you will need to use the Call Queue desktop.

The Call Queue desktop has every feature that the Faculty/Staff Desktop has. 


Only one Citrix desktop can be open at a time (either Faculty/Staff desktop or Call Queue desktop but not both).

For storage in Citrix, use OneDrive as your primary storage

Do not store documents on your Citrix Desktop.


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