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How to WebPrint from iOS (iPad) - Child Development Center
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To print a file from an iPad in the Child Development Center, follow these instructions.


  1. Save your file to OneDrive. You will be uploading it for this process.
  2. Select the WebLink on your iPad or go to in a Web Browser.



  1. Log in with your username (S Number) and ACC password
  2. Select Web Print in the left-hand column
  3. Select Submit A Job



  1. Select  accprn01\ACCN1030-HP551    ACC N1030




  1. Select “2. Print Options and Account Selection” in the lower right. And enter the number of copies you intend to print.



  1. Select “3. Upload Documents”


  1. Select Upload from computer – If it is a Photo, select the Photo Library. If it is a file you saved in One Drive, select Browse.



  1. Select One Drive (turn on One Drive if it is not buy click on the toggle)



  1. Select Files



  1. Locate your document and select it. The document will then show above the Upload area. If you want to print another document, select Upload from computer again to load another document. If you selected the wrong document, select the X in the upper right of the document to remove and repeat the Upload steps.



  1. Select Upload & Complete


  1. Print job will show progress and status will show Finished: Queued for Printing. File should be processing at the printer. If you want to print another document, select Submit a Job. It will bring you back to the select a print page and you can go through the process again.




If you are having issues, contact Support


To reach the Help Desk by phone, simply call 303-797-5900.

You can also reach the Help Desk via email at [email protected].

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