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Sturm - Recording with Podium Doc Cam
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Sign into OneDrive


Please use follow directions here to sign into OneDrive. It is recommended that you save your recording to your OneDrive so you will be able to access the files from anywhere.



Change the save location of the recordings in HoverCam Flex11


  • Open the HoverCam Flex11 app on the desktop.


Hovercam app




  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Misc
  3. Click on the folder icon.






4. Select OneDrive - Arapahoe Community College

5. Select the folder in OneDrive where you want to save the recordings

6. Click Select Folder


onedrive folder selection


7. After the folder location is selected, click on Save

8. Please exit out of the app and restart it!




Recording with HoverCam Flex 11



  1. Click on Recording


  • 2a. Select Screen Capture to record everything on your computer screen.
  • 2b. Select Video Camera to record using the doc cam only. This will not record anything on that is on your computer screen.






  • Click Pause to pause the recording
  • Click Stop to stop the recording





Find recording on OneDrive



onedrive recording



Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


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