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How to Share Documents From OneDrive
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Note: this is different from sending a file to a user. This will allow all the users to make changes to this document, and it will reflect in the document itself. When you send a file to a user, you attach the file to the email. This will make the document standalone and any changes made to it will not affect the original document in OneDrive.


1. Go to and log in with your email.



2. Click on OneDrive (Blue cloud).

    a. For first time login, browse to your OneDrive from the Dashboard.

    b. For the rest of logins, click the blue cloud on the left hand side.





3. Go to the Document you would like to share.




4. Right-Click the document.

5. Click Share.




6. You can also share within the open document.

     a. Click Share at the top right.



7. The People you specify can edit is the default setting for first time sharing.

    a. This allows you to send to anyone.

    b. If this is not the default, you can click the option that is currently there for more options.



8. Specific people allows you to have anyone edit a document.

    a. This is the default setting for first time sharing.



 9. You can share with people that already have access to it.

      a. This means that the document can been shared with people who were sent the document previously to send it again.



10. This option allows you to select people specifically within ACC.


11. Click Apply.

12. Enter the Email of whom you would like to send to.

    a. Make sure to spell the full email.

       1. Press Enter for each email.

    b. The document will send to the people who are selected as shown below.

    c. You can click the X to remove the person.

13. Once ready, click Send.



14. You will get a confirmation that the Link has been sent.



15. The shared document will show up in their inbox.

      a. The selected user(s) can now edit the document.




16. You have shared the document!


Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

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