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How to Draw with Microsoft Office
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With touch enabled monitors/computers at ACC, users can draw in their Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents using the touchscreen pen.


Confirm the Office version and follow the instructions corresponding to that version:


File > Account or File > Help


Open Word > Word Menu > About Word


For more information to confirm the Office version:

How to Check your Office Version


Microsoft Office 365 & 2019:

If your device is touch enabled, the Draw tab is turned on automatically. If not, turn it on by selecting File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Draw to start drawing. Choose the pen to start drawing.


Microsoft 2016, 2013:

Review > Start Inking. Displays the Ink Tools and Pens tab. Choose the pen to start drawing.


macOS for Microsoft 365 & 2019 Office only:

Select the Draw tab. Select the thickness and color options to draw.


To stop inking, select the Draw or Draw with Touch on the Draw tab.


For more information on how to draw with Microsoft Office:

How to Draw with Microsoft Office

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