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Sturm Campus Podium Doc Cam
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How to use the Pilot (podium) Doc Cam




1. Open Knotester app. 




2. Open Document Camera


Document Camera







If the doc cam does not turn on, it might be due to overheating caused by the camera light being left on for too long.


  • Switch the light to the be off position and try again.


  • Please switch off light after use.




light on doc cam



















Camera orientation



If the doc cam only displays a small section vertically like this:







Please do the following to change the orientation:



1. Click on View Options, then click on Rotate-R. This will rotate the camera orientation horizontally to the right and it should display fullscreen.







2. Turn the dial on the side of the doc cam until it displays A4.






3. The doc cam should be oriented vertically fullscreen now.





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