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Securing Your Zoom Meeting from Unwelcome Attendees
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Zoom provides a number of security features to make sure only your intended invitees join your class session. Following some of the steps outlined in Zoom's own Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings will help avoid "Zoom Bombing" and other unwelcome activities.


Before Class


You can take several steps when setting up your class session in Zoom to secure meetings. When you click Schedule a Meeting in Zoom, you will see the initial setup screen:


set custom meeting ids, passwords and other options when scheduling a class


  1. Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID. This is an easily guessable 'phone number' type identifier. Instead, have Zoom 'Generate Automatically' a Unique ID that will only be shared with your invited participants.
  2. Always Require meeting password for your class. Zoom will suggest one, but you can change it if you'd like.
  3. Click Advanced Options to see more security settings


check Enable Waiting Room and other security options when scheduling a class


  1. In Advanced Options, check Enable Waiting Room to have place arriving participants in a waiting room. When you launch your meeting, you then choose when and who to allow in.
  2. Consider setting Only authenticated users can join... to further limit attendance to your emailed invited list of participants.

During Class

Once you launch your class, but before students arrive, you can take additional security precautions in the class video window.


choose Lock Meeting from the Security icon after a class starts


  1. Once your class starts, you can Lock Meeting from the Security button to make sure additional people can't join. If you set up a Waiting Room, late-comers will appear in the waiting room and you can allow them into your class. You can also Lock the meeting from the More button in the Participants side pane.

    set Advanced Sharing Options
  2. When you are in a class session, you can limit screen sharing from the Screen Share button.
  3. Click Advanced Sharing Options... for more screen sharing options.

  4. You can set Host Only before starting your class and use this menu to toggle allowing other sharing options mid-class including Only Host, All Participants, and/or multiple and or one participant at a time.

    remove or report unwanted participants
  5. In the Participants side pane, hover over a participant and click More to remove an unruly or unwanted participant.
  6. This is also available in the Security button, as well as an option to Report... a participant if necessary.


Additional Settings


Your profile in the Zoom desktop application has a settings option. You can set additional customizations there.

click your profile image for more settings


  1. Clicking on your profile picture in the Zoom desktop application brings up several additional options for your Zoom environment.
  2. Select Settings from this drop-down menu for even more options.

    View More Settings accesses additional security features
  3. From this settings window, click View More Settings customize many of the security settings above into personal defaults, as well as access many more advanced personal and security options.


For more details provided by Zoom, read their Best Practices for Securing Your Zoom Meetings for a deeper dive.


Any questions? Contact the ACC IT Helpdesk at 303-797-5900 or email [email protected] for further assistance.

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