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Dual Monitor Setup
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1. Ensure all cabling is properly connected. Monitors should have their display cables connected to the PC and power cables connected to outlets. If the setup is utilizing a docking station, display and power cables should be connected directly to the dock rather than a laptop, and the laptop should be connected to the dock. Ensure all displays and PCs are powered on prior to working on the following steps.


2. Go into the display settings. This can be done in 2 ways:

 A. Right click on the desktop and select "display settings":


 B. Click on the Windows start button and search "display settings", then select "display settings":


3. Once on the "display settings" page, locate and click the "multiple displays" drop-down menu:


4. Select the display setting that best suits your needs. "Duplicate these displays" will mirror both screens with the same image, "Extend these displays" will elongate your desktop, and "Show only on 1/2" will set the display to only the specified display:


5. If you choose "Extend these displays", you will need to arrange the displays in the "Rearrange your displays" section. Clicking "Identify" will cause a numeric identifier to appear in the bottom left of each screen. Once you know which screen is which, drag and drop the squares representing each display in the same layout as the screens appear on your desk:

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