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Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud Online

How to access adobe creative online

IMPORTANT!!! If accessing this on a personal device: If you currently have a private Adobe account, please continue to use this account as you already have access to the software. Trying to log in with your school account may complicate things
Use your school email address to sign in.
If prompted, select “Company or School Account” and then enter your password.
Or provide your credentials in your school’s login screen: ccc\snumber

Installing Apps

Select Show “All Your Apps” on the right.
You will see “Install” next to each app. Select one.
Select “Open Creative Cloud Desktop App”.
You can install other apps via the Creative Cloud app thereafter.
We suggest you install only the applications you need for your classes to conserve your disk space on your computer.
For more information on how to download or install apps, see Download and Install Creative Cloud apps
It will then require you to log in again, as before within the Adobe Creative Cloud App. You will need admin credentials for your computer to install.
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