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M3160, M3010, M3030, Classroom user guide
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M3160 Has two screens, two confidence monitors and a touch display (Using a touch display). The Displays are arranged so that you can select a different image on the Left and Right set of displays. The SMART board will always display the image from the PC.

  • This room uses a Touch Control Panel that has been configured to be somewhat similar to the Classroom Control Panel.

M3160 has two Screens that can have a different image selected on either screen.  M3160 uses a Touch Control Panel for its operation

  • To turn on the system click  the “ON” button.
  • To turn the system off click the “OFF” button.
  • Under the “Left Projector” menu you can select from PC, Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, and Doc Cam. This will select what is shown on the left projector and confidence monitor.
    • “Pic Mute” - Blanks the image.
    • “Freeze” – Freezes the image.
  • The “Right Projector” menu is the same as the Left Projector Menu, and selects for the Right Displays.
  • The volume section controls the overall room volume.
  • The “Mic Vol” button brings up an addition menu to adjust the Microphone volume.

Adjust the volume just as you would for the main volume then press “Done”.


Please note: The control layout for M3030 and m3010 is nearly identical to the what is described above. M3030 and M3010 do not have microphones or a touch display, but otherwise their operation is exactly the same.

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