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Using touch display in classroom
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A growing number of classrooms are beginning to have touch capable displays installed into them.  The following is a brief overview of one way that you could take advantage of the display.

Using the Touch Display:

A touch capable display is available for use as part of the system. This can be used for many different purposes and many applications. For example, PowerPoint or OneNote can accept touch input. The following will describe one possible way that the touch display could be used.

  • From a full screen PowerPoint tap once on the display to show your presentation menu.

  • Tap the Pen Icon
    • You can select from a Laser Pointer, Pen, or Highlighter
    • Then you can select your desired color.
    • You can also erase from this menu
  • We recommend adding blank slides in areas that you know you will be writing lots of notes.
  • The presentation menu also has Forward and back navigation buttons, advanced menus and end presentation buttons.
  • When you end a presentation, you will be prompted to save any annotations that you created.  
    • This could be a good tool to make available to students after class.

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