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M2900 Waring theater user guide
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M2900 (Waring Theater) has Non Standard Classroom Technology that has a Classroom Technology Control Panel with a different Button set from a Standard Classroom.

  • Most of the buttons have the same function as in a standard classroom. (see: Standard Classroom User Guide)
    • On, Off, Pic Mute, PC, Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, Apple TV, Volume DVD/VCR Buttons are the same as elsewhere.
  • Audio On/Off- Turns the house audio system on or off. (This button flashes red when off and is solid green when on)
  • Mic Vol Up, Mic Vol Dn- This room has the option for up to two wireless microphones (available upon request, contact Facility Rental for details). These two buttons adjust the microphone volume separately from the “Volume” Dial.
    • Note: The “Volume” Dial adjusts the overall volume, use if unable to make microphones loud enough using “Mic Vol Up/ Dn” buttons. Use the “Volume” dial to adjust.     

Note: When using “PC” only what is displayed on monitor 2 will be seen on the projector.

  • Make sure to drag any thing to the 2nd monitor
  • Applications like Microsoft PowerPoint automatically know how to take advantage of the 2nd monitor.

M2900 (Waring Theater) Also has Advanced Lighting controls. With 4 presets that should suit most all lighting needs.

  • Preset 1= All lights on
  • Preset 2= Light above seating on
  • Preset 3= Stage lights- variation 1
  • Preset 4= Stage Lights- variation 2

There should not be much need to use the individual zone faders.

  • When done press the “Off” button

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