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How to Use Microsoft Teams Overview
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MS Teams


Share, communicate, collaborate.

Introduction to Teams

Accessing MS Teams

Logging on to the Web App

•Browse to
•Enter your email click “Next”
•Enter your password (this will be you network password). Click “Sign In”
•On the final Box click “Yes” to stay signed in.

You will see the available Office 365 applications


•Select “Teams” to launch the web app

If you are on a computer that you have rights to install software onto, you may want to install the Teams desktop App


•Access the web app as described earlier in this guide
•Select the Download desktop app icon
•Save the file and install following the onscreen instructions


Your team can do a lot for you.

Link to your SharePoint folders

Link to apps

Chat with the Team

@team to notify everyone

@name to notify someone specific

Attach and share files

Start a conference call



You will see the teams that you are a part of in the by clicking the “Teams” tab on the left side.


•You can search for individuals or teams by clicking the new chat icon
•This is where you can Join a team. Click the “Join or create team” button.
•You will need a “Team Code” to  join a Team from this button
•Then search for the name in the “To:” field

File sharing and cloud storage

You can share files using One drive or directly from your computer. Your MS Team can act as a place for you your team members to collaborate with files.

•Within a team click “Files”
•From there you will be able to Upload, Share, edit, etc., your files in the team.

You can also share from the chat feature and send a link to a file directly to a member of your team in the chat feature


•Click the Paper Click icon
•Select if the file is on your Computer or OneDrive
•Select the file you wish to share and click "Share"

You will now see the file in the chat 



Using SharePoint in MS Teams


If you have access to a SharePoint site and want to link it to your team.

•Click the “Files” Tab
•Click “Add cloud storage”
•Select your cloud storage provider
•Select the SharePoint site you want to share.
•Click Next

Apps and tools in MS Teams

There are many third party apps and tools that can be used in teams.

•Click the more added app button to search for apps that work with teams

Additional Resources and videos

Video: Overview of Teams and Channels

Video: Get your team up and running

Web: Microsoft Teams learning resources





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