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How to Create a Class in Microsoft Teams
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MS Teams: Creating a team for a class
•From the Teams tab click on “Join or create team”
•In the new window click “Create Team”
•Select “Class” for the team Type
•Insert the name of your class  in the Name and description Field
•Example: ACC – ECO 201 101 Anderssen
•click on “Next”

In the new window

•You can add your student emails in the field and click “add”
•You can “skip” for now if needed, you will be able to add later.
•Once you enter the names of the students, they will get the following email
•Send your students an additional email that they have been added to a Team and ask them to Join

Your students will need to download the app or sign in on the web

•They will be asked to Sign In- use their CCCS account and myACC password
Note: It is important that that the student selects “Arapahoe Community College (Guest)” in their user profile.
•The student will not be able to see their classes if this is not selected.
•Once Your students are set up, they will see the class list.
You can add files, add apps, and have a video-conference with your team!   Your team will get an email to join the conference.

Creating and Managing Team Channels

Channels are great to use for projects,  or work groups, or discussion topics within a team.

•To add a channel to a group chick the “…” button and select “Add Channel.”
•Enter the Information for the new channel and click “Add.”
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