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Basic Troubleshooting on ACC Wireless Network (Mac)
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Basic WIFI Troubleshooting on ACC SSID


Many times WIFI issues can be solved with a few simple fixes. Some of the most common examples are below:




What to do


Desired wireless network is not detected by my computer

  • If you do not see any wireless networks
    • See if your computer has a switch that can turn off the WIFI adapter, make sure it is in the on position.
    • If other networks are visible, but not the desired network
      • Please call IT (x5900)


Your computer is connected to ACC wifi, but you receive an error or are unable to browse the internet. (This may happen to a computer that was previously registered to our system.)

  • Check your IP address (Directions for both PC and Mac are below)
    • Make sure IP address is within the scope for the campus you are at (Correct values listed below)
    • Try to release and renew IP (Directions Below)
    • If you are still unable to properly connect
      •  Please call IT (x5900)


You are connected to ACC wifi, but are not being redirected to the login page in your browser

  • Attempt to navigate to another web page, such as Google or Yahoo.
    • Sometimes this can get the login to redirect.
    • Check IP address and DNS setting (Directions for PC and Mac Below)
      • Set you Network Adapter to obtain an IP address automatically (Directions below). 


Cannot pass authentication (Students and Employees)

  • Ensure password is correct and has not expired
    • Try to login to a lab computer with the same credentials.
    • If  you cannot login, your account may be locked out  
      • Call IT (x5900)
      • If you are able to login
        • Probably trying to register a 6th device (You can only have 5 registered devices.) 
        • Call IT (x5900)


Cannot access the network even though I was approved by the front desk agent (Guest Access)

  • Retype in provided credentials at the login screen (email address and generated password)
    • If you still cannot login, call IT (x5900)

On a Mac PC:

  • Click on “System Preferences”

  • In the new window Click on “Network”

  • In the new window verify that the Wi-Fi is connected (Denoted by a Green Dot)

  • This window will also show the IP address. (Correct values will be shown below.)

  • To see the DNS Address click on “Advanced”

  • In the new Window click the “DNS” Tab

    • Take note of the addresses shown


The correct values for IP and DNS Address are as follows:





Castle Rock

IPv4 Address

DNS (at least one of the listed is present)


  • In the same Window Click the “TCP/IP” Tab

    • Click “Renew DHCP Lease”


  • If the values are still incorrect, it is possible the user entered them manually. The user will need to change their Network Adapter properties to be able to automatically acquire the correct addresses.  (Directions below)

How to change Wi-Fi setting on a Mac PC

  • First open “System Preferences”

  • Then Click on “Network” in the new window

  • Make sure that  you are connected to Wi-Fi  and that the network name is “ACC”

    • Now click on the “Advanced” Button. (You may be prompted to enter credentials.) 


  • In the window that appears click on the “TCP/IP” tab

    • In the drop down menu for Configure IPv4 select “Using DHCP”
    • Then click “OK”



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