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Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom
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Zoom allows you to split your students into virtual breakout rooms. To enable this feature do the following. 

•In the Zoom web app select “Settings” from the left menu.
•In the options to the right Select “Meeting”, then select “In Meeting (Advanced)”
•In the menu that opens “Turn on” Breakout room by clicking the slider

Click “Save”


During a Zoom session you can enter break out rooms.


•Select “Breakout Rooms” from the meeting control bar.
•You can select the number of rooms you would like and to assign Automatically or Manually click “Create Breakout Rooms”
•If You chose “Manual” click “Assign” on the right and then select the participants name
• Click “Add a Room”
•Click “Options” and select any choices that fit you needs.
•Once you have the participants assigned to Breakout Rooms click “Start All Sessions” button
•There will be a button to Broadcast Message to all which you can use, for example, to give a message about how much time is left in a session
•Once in a breakout session a student can click “Ask for Help”
•To leave the breakout session click “Leave Breakout Room”
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