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Basic Troubleshooting on ACC Wireless Network (Windows)
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Many times WIFI issues can be solved with a few simple fixes. Some of the most common example are below:




What to do


Desired Wireless network is not detected by my computer

  • If you do not see any wireless networks.
    • See if your computer has a switch that can turn off the WIFI adapter, make sure it is in the on position.
    • If other SSIDs are visible, but not the desired SSID 
      • Please Call IT (x5900)


Your computer is connected to ACC SSID, but you receive an error or are unable to browse the internet. (This may happen to a computer that was previously registered to our system)

  • Check your IP address (Directions for both PC and Mac are below)
    • Make sure IP address is within the scope for the campus you are at (Correct values listed below)
    • Try to release and renew IP (Directions Below)
    • If you are still unable to properly connect
      •  Please Call IT (x5900)


You are connected to ACC SSID, but are not being redirected to the login page in your browser

  • Attempt to navigate to another web page, such as Google or yahoo.
    • Sometimes this can get the login to redirect.
    • Check IP address and DNS setting (Directions for PC and Mac Below)
      • Set you Network Adapter to obtain an IP address automatically (Directions below). 


Cannot pass authentication (Students and Employees)

  • Ensure password is correct and has not expired
    • Try to login to a lab computer with the same credentials.
    • If  you cannot login your account may be locked out  
      • Call IT (x5900)
      • If you are able to login
        • probably trying to register a 6th device (You can only have 5 registered devices) 
        • Call IT (x5900)


Cannot access the network even though I was approved by the front desk agent (Guest Access)

  • Retype in provided credentials at the login screen (email address and generated password)
    • If you still cannot login Call IT (x5900)

How to check IP address and DNS setting


On a Windows 10 PC:

  • Go to “Start” > “Windows System” > Command prompt.

    • Double click to select “Command Prompt


A new window will open 

  • Type: ipconfig /all (Note the space between "ipconfig" and "/all")

    • Press “Enter”


  • Scroll Down and Look for “Wireless Lan adapter Network Connection”

    • Take note of the IPv4 Address and the DNS Address

The correct values for your IPv4 Address and DNS Address are as follows:





Castle Rock

IPv4 Address

DNS (at least one of the listed is present)

If any of the values appear to be incorrect, you need to release and renew the addresses.

  • At the same command prompt type:

    • ipconfig /release (Note the space between "ipconfig" and "/release")
      • Press “Enter”
    • Then type: ipconfig /renew (Note the space between "ipconfig" and "/renew")
      • Press “Enter”
  • Check the IP and DNS address using the steps from before.

    • If the values are still incorrect, it is possible the user entered them manually. The user will need to change their Network Adapter properties to: “obtain an IP address automatically” and “obtain DNS server address automatically” (Directions below)


How to Change Wi-Fi setting on a Windows 10 PC

  • Right Click on the Wi-Fi Icon

  • In the menu that appears select “Open Network and Sharing Center”

  • In the new window Select “Change Adapter Settings”

  • Another new window will appear

    • Right Click on your Wi-Fi Adapter and select “Properties” from the menu



  • In the Window that appears select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”

    • Then click “Properties”.


  • A final window will open

    • Select “Obtain an IP address automatically”

    • Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”

    • Then click “OK”




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