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Students as Guests - MS Teams - Student Experience
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What is the student experience? 

What the guest experience is like?

When a guest is invited to join a team, they receive a welcome email message. This message includes some information about the team and what to expect now that they're a member. The guest must accept the invitation by selecting Open Microsoft Teams in the email message before they can access the team and its channels.


Screen shot showing an example of a welcome email message


All team members see a message in the channel thread announcing that the team owner has added a guest and providing the guest's name. Everyone on the team can identify easily who is a guest. As shown in the following screenshot of a sample team, a banner indicates "This team has guests" and a (Guest) label appears next to each guest's name.


Screenshot showing banner notification guest users

Comparison of team member and guest capabilities

The following table compares the Teams functionality available for an organization's team members and its guests.

Capability in Teams Teams user in the organization Guest user
Create a channel 
Team owners control this setting. 
Participate in a private chat 
Participate in a channel conversation 
Post, delete, and edit messages 
Share a channel file 
Share a chat file   
Add apps (tabs, bots, or connectors)   
Create meetings or access schedules   
Access OneDrive for Business storage   
Create tenant-wide and teams/channels guest access policies   
Invite a user outside the Office 365 tenant's domain 
Team owners control this setting. 
Create a team   
Discover and join a public team   
View organization chart   
Use inline translation   
Become team owner 


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