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Signing into Adobe CC - New licensing structure

NEW Signing into Adobe sign in for licensing


When a student, faculty, or staff opens an Adobe app on an ACC Computer, they will be prompted for their student email address ( as the username (faculty and staff your ACC email address). If you have another Adobe account using your Student email or faculty email, it may ask you make a selection, choose Enterprise. Hit enter with no password. (This may need to be done per login session to the computer, but we are still testing, please let us know what students and faculty are experiencing).



You will get a CCCS dialog box to enter credentials.



Enter ccc\s number (currently acc\s number for faculty and staff, ccc for new faculty & staff for Fall 2019 semester) and their password will match their Computer password that they use to log into ACC computers. (everyone will be ccc\ eventually)


Note: One school ran into an issue where the student used a non-cccs email address, and was unable to clear the incorrect username from the username field. So, to save yourself some headache, please inform your students (and instructors) of the correct Arapahoe Community College credentials for signing in.

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