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Instructions for BYOD and iPad Printing at Sturm Campus
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When on ACC open wi-fi


Windows OS:

  • Start, Settings, Devices, Printers & scanners

  • Click on the + next to Add a printer or scanner. The computer will search for available printers.

  • Locate the printer named ACCSCLobby-HPM607 (HP LaserJet M607) then click on Add device



  • Open the document you want to print

  • Push the send button. This will bring up a screen with options

  • Select the print button

  • Select printer

  • Locate and select the HP LaserJet M607

  • On the next window that opens, select Print


Mac OS:


  • System Settings > Printers & Scanners > + > Default > HP LaserJet M607 [096692] Bonjour.
  • In the Use: dropdown, choose HP LaserJet M607 M609 M609

  • If the driver does not show, you may need to download the driver from the website below.

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