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10 Tech Tips for Faculty and Staff
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Top 10 Things Faculty and Staff Should Know About Technology at ACC



  1. We use Outlook for Email. You can access that on your ACC provided desktop or laptop, or on any device at and logging in with “ccc\Sxxxxxxxx” and your password.


  1. Wireless access is widely available on our campuses. ACC-provided devices should use the “ACC Internal” network. Personal and other devices use the “ACC” network.


  1. You have 2gb of personal storage on network drive (H: drive), and 1TB of storage on OneDrive. We encourage you to use OneDrive for larger storage needs, but be careful not to store Personally Identifiable Information related to students or yourself there.


  1. Off campus, you can use Citrix for remote access, where your Outlook, H: drive, OneDrive, and many standard applications will be available. Log in at, and use the “light version” for easy access.


  1. Passwords need to be 14 or more characters and include three of the following four: Upper case letter, lower case letter, number, and special character. We suggest using a ‘pass phrase’ sentence with punctuation, like “Writers drink coffee!” Secure and easy to remember.
  2. Keep in mind that currently, the network/email system and myACC (Banner, D2L, etc.) now have the same passwords.
  3. Think before you click! Spam and phishing are significant security problems when dealing with email. If you receive an email message you suspect to be spam, simply place it in your ‘Z-SPAM’ Outlook folder and we’ll take it from there. And ACC IT will never send a message asking you to click a link!
  4. There are several printers around campus where you can print from personal devices through the web, by going to Log in with your S# and network password, and select a nearby printer.
  5. Most classrooms are equipped with an AppleTV, identified by room number. This is an easy way to share screens from your or your students’ devices during class.
  6. If you need help with a technology issue, visit the IT Help Desk at or call 303.797.5900. There are dozens of helpful knowledgebase articles there as well to guide you in using technology at ACC.
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